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First piano tuning: Brighton Ave. School AC 1979
Estimated number of pianos tuned since: 20,000. (and not done yet!)
In the early years, I was associated with The Boyd Piano Service.
We handled the then new and exciting casino industry . After two years of training I started my own service.
I grew that part of the business to five properties, serviced seven days a week, and roughly twenty five pianos per day! Such is no longer the case however, its mostly comedy and rock & roll.
In 1998 I started to focus more on establishing residential and institutional clients (I'm glad I did!) and became associated with major piano retailers in the Tri-State area. Jacobs Music, Cunningham Piano, Pleasantville Music, to name a few.
I now service many local schools and places of worship, as well as hundreds of residential pianos.
 It would be my  pleasure to put my thirty plus years of extensive experience to work for you.
Rick Ucci
Rick Ucci
Piano Technician- owner . Mr. Ucci on stage tuning the Trops Yamaha c-7
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